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Growing up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Eastern North Carolina was magical; it felt like Christmas 24/7!!

As a small girl, I learned the wreath-making process and have decided to carry on this tradition of wreath-making and add other holiday and winter classics to the list for others to enjoy. The winter holidays are my favorite time of year; growing up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Eastern North Carolina felt like Christmas 24/7. I plan to carry on the love and tradition for what nature offers you and your loved ones this year. We also can be booked for events, weddings, or other occasions. We have established partnerships with floral farmers and artists.

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Our story begins when Raymond E. Finch, Jr. (my father) and his sister Jane Flowers Finch Story (my aunt) were small children on their parent's farm in Bailey, NC. Jane and Ray would go into the woods and cut running cedar for their Mom, Icie Pearl Lamm Finch (Grandma Pearl), to make wreaths with for Christmas. Daddy was a nature-obsessed environmentalist before his time - he graduated from high school and continued his studies to become a forester. 

In the mid-80s, he started the family's Christmas Tree business by planting various Arizona Cypress, White Pine, Virginia Pine, Northern Cypress, and Leyland Cypress, and Red Cedar; this was the launch of Finch Forest Christmas Tree Farm.  Over 30 acres of Christmas Trees were planted and harvested in the 1st six years on the family-operated Christmas Tree Farm.

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"If think you've stepped into a scene from It's a Wonderful Life when you visit the Finch Forest Christmas Tree Farm in Bailey, don't do a double take. The cut-your-own tree farm is a family affair -- Ray Finch and his mother, wife, two kids, and brother-in-law may be there on any given day."

Grandma Pearl would make wreaths for the business during the Holiday Season; she continued to make wreaths until she suffered a heart attack and stroke in 2014. I would come home from Washington, D.C., and New York City in the late fall and around Thanksgiving to make a small order of wreaths to fulfill a handful of Grandma Pearl's loyal customers and to make another batch to bring back North as gifts.

Grandma Icie Pearl Lamm Finch
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In July 2020, COVID was in full spring - I relocated back to the farm from NYC to help care for my mother and work remotely. Due to the isolation period, I began to make wreaths on the weekends and other home decor items using natural products I found in the woods and on the farm. I decided to give it a go and sell Christmas wreaths for the 2020 season. I contacted a few friends for their help, and the next thing you knew - we were swamped!

We have added several folks to our team; it is a community effort to fulfill our winter orders.

February 1, 2023 - our beloved matriarch, Grandma Pearl, died at 95. We can continue this legacy in memory of Grandma Pearl and Daddy.

Thank you for supporting a small family farm and woman-owned business.

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